Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What makes a good teacher?

                What makes a good teacher?

What makes a good teacher? Many teachers make their best efforts to answer this question by experiencing lots of trials and errors during their whole career. Some of them succeed to set their own image of a good teacher. But quite a few of them are still on their journey to answer it.  Needless to say, many qualities for teaching and personal traits are needed to be a good teacher such as teaching skills, leadership, devotion, etc.
Here are  what I think makes a great teacher: passion, understanding and patience.

The  first thing is passion for your subject you teach.  Without this, it is impossible to become a good teacher. If you don’t love your subject, how can you expect your students to? This passion makes you find many ways to develop  your subject knowledge. In addition,  it also makes you develop teaching skills to deliver your knowledge more creatively and efficiently.  This passion also makes you develop class management skills and fun techniques to help your students  to concentrate on the class.
The next thing to have as a good teacher  is understanding of your students. This is about knowing your students; what they  know, what they don’t know and what they want to know.  With a lot of subject knowledge and teaching skills,  if your teaching is too difficult or  does not meet the students’  demands at all, your class will never be satisfied with you and your students. This understanding also should be expanded to the emotional part of your students. Good teachers always try to observe their students’ interests and changes in their daily lives and  try to communicate with their students. It is important to show teachers’ warm interests in each student because a good education can start only with  good relationships between teachers and students.

The last thing is patience.  Teaching is not easy  simple job because  it is working with or against  the young  at the age of puberty.  Students have complex lives as you do. They are very changeable and sensitive, sometimes they are almost cross.  Good teachers wait for the students to understand and accept things they should know.  Sometimes, instant corrections or spontaneous anger from teachers don’t help students.  Moreover, good teachers have great  expectations of success for all students.  When you have a negative expectation of your students, you can’t expect good feedback from your students, either.  Also good teachers don't forget to give their students positive reinforcement with applause and cheers even if they didn’t do good job yet.
Getting a job as a teacher is very difficult. But the more difficult thing is to be a good teacher. There are many teachers, including me who lose their confidence and passion when in difficult times. Teachers get the strength to go on by their own students' approval, respect and love. To be a good teacher, you have to be a happy and lively person in your life first and try to keep  developing your passion, understanding and patience by enjoying your work and life.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

chuseok-rice cake

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Rice Cake-Dduck

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sacramento-History,famous person,shopping area,websites.


  Native Americans have lived in the area for perhaps thousands of years. These people left little evidence of their existence. In either 1799 or 1808, the Spanish explorer Gabriel Moraga discovered and named the Sacramento Valley and Sacramento River. "Es como el sagrado sacramento!(This is like the Holy Sacrament.)"
  In 1848, when gold was discovered , a large number of gold-seekers came to the area, increasing the population. John Sutter, Jr . then planned the City of Sacramento, naming the city after the Sacramento River for commercial reasons.

==Sacramento's Chinatown==

  Throughout the early 1840s and 1850s, China was at war with Great Britain and France in the First and Second Opium Wars. The wars, along with endemic poverty in China, helped drive many Chinese immigrants to America. Many first came to San Francisco, which was then the largest city in California, which was known as "Dai Fow" (The Big City) and some came eventually to Sacramento (then the second-largest city in California), which is known as "Yee Fow" (Second City). Many of these immigrants came in hopes for a better life as well as the possibility of finding gold in the foothills east of Sacramento.

==California's State Capital Building==

  The California Legislature moved to Sacramento in 1854. The capital of California under Spanish rule had been Monterey. In the 1879 Constitutional Convention, Sacramento was named to be the permanent state capital.

With its new status and strategic location, Sacramento quickly prospered and became the western end of the Pony Express, and later the First Transcontinental Railroad(which began construction in Sacramento in 1863)

Sacramento in 1849

Inside the historical Sutter's Fort.
 Main building housing John Sutter's offices. 2009

California's State Capitol Building

Sacramento City Hall
Notable residents
  Notable people with ties to Sacramento include actor Sam Elliott, actor Colin Hanks, baseball player Steve Sax, businessman and philanthropist Charles R. Schwab, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, musician Craig Chaquico, musician Cynthia Robinson, Los Angeles public health "czar" Kim Harrison Eowan, designer architect Ray Eames, retired USMC Lieutenant General John F. Goodman, painter Wayne Thiebaud, photographer Michael Williamson, videographer Justin Carter, philosopher Cornel West, author J. Maarten Troost, astronaut Stephen Robinson, the mayor ofBakersfield from 1981–1985, and her husband, the then petroleum lobbyist Joe Shell, lived in Sacramento during the 1970s.

Shopping Area 

@Arden Fair

1689 Arden Way, Suite 1167 • Sacramento, CA 95815
Located off Business 80
Sacramento's largest mall, this mall contains over 165 specialty shops, including Nordstrom,... more... map

@Country Club Plaza
2401 Butano Drive • Sacramento, CA 95825
This shopping mall has two anchors, Macy's and Gottschalks, and it features more than 40 specialty... more... map

@Old Sacramento Historic District
1111 Second Street • Sacramento, CA 95814
This historic district is filled with 124 specialty shops, restaurants, and museums for year-round... more... map

563 Pavilions Lane • Sacramento, CA 95825
Sacramento's leading fashion specialty center, this shopping place provides cosmopolitan shopping... more... map

@Westfield Shoppingtown Downtown Plaza
547 L Street • Sacramento, CA 95814
Sacramento's vibrant landmark shopping complex, this plaza features Macy's, United Artists... more... map


@Destination Sacramento
545 Downtown Plaza #1005 • Sacramento, CA 95814
Imprinted sportswear, casual clothing, and souvenirs in this shop represent the best of... more..
=Sporting Goods=

@Bike Sacramento
1050 Front Street, Suite 110 • Sacramento, CA 95814
Sacramento's premier bicycle rental place, this shop offers the newest in bikes, tandems, and... more... map


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Outdoor Activity Wrap-up

 Every Friday afternoon in session 3 was a picnic time. We went to U.N cemetery, Hwangyeong Hike, igidae and watched a movie: the Immotals with handsome and kind Jeff. He took pictures of us at the places for memory. We ate out for lunch near those destinations. Ice slush topped red bean tasted good. At igidae,  Mr.Kang's story by the seaside was very fun. Young lost her mobile phone and found it again luckily.  I hope we will have a good time in CSUS in USA, too.